The outreach, ministries, and programs that make up our annual general budget are the lifeblood and core of what BSCC does. They are the primary means and main strategy
we use for guiding people into a fully devoted relationship with Jesus - together. So, they make up the largest part of Multiply.

Our general budget funds take care of our buildings and grounds, staff salaries, provides materials and supplies for children's and student ministries, curriculum for adult small groups, materials for community outreach, and everything else that we do at BSCC. But it does even more than that. Every week children, students, and adults gather to worship and grow in their love for God.

Every week children, students, and adults meet in small groups to study God's Word and grow in their love for People. And every week dozens of students and adults serve in many different ministries in many different ways to grow in their Heart to Serve.

The ministries, programs, and outreach of BSCC change lives both in our church family and in our community. In the past ten years, we have baptized 514 people into Christ through the ongoing ministries of BSCC. So far in 2023, we have baptized an additional 36 people. A total of 550 people were baptized into Christ in just under eleven years because of how God has used BSCC to reach the lost and the hurting.

God has done great things through the ministries of BSCC, and we believe that through Multiply, God will continue to bless and grow our impact for Jesus Christ through the outreach, ministries, and programs of
 Blue Springs Christian Church.

Through the two-year giving to Multiply, we hope to be able to invest $3.4 million into the weekly ministries and outreach of BSCC in 2024 and 2025.