Anything of importance or impact can only be accomplished through seeking God's guidance and help through prayer. Here are some ways that you can pray for the Multiply Initiative and your part in it.

1. One Sentence Prayer
Whenever you see the Multiply logo, pray this simple prayer, "Father, please work in us and through us to multiply our impact for Jesus."

2. Prayer and Fasting
Sacrifice some of your time and comfort by skipping one or more meals and spending that time in prayer. Pray for your and/or our church's participation in Multiply.
Pray for one or more of the Multiply initiatives. Pray that God would multiply your impact for Jesus.

3. Prayer Walk
While at church, take some time as an individual or in a group to walk to four parts of our campus and pray for the four Multiply initiatives.

Walk to the Connection Point and pray for the ongoing ministries of BSCC. Pray that God would use our regular, weekly ministries to guide people into a fully devoted relationship with Jesus - together.

Walk between our buildings and pray for the new entrance building. Pray that God would use it to make it easier for new families and individuals to find their way onto our campus and into our ministries so they would experience the love and grace of Jesus.

Walk into our Worship Center and pray for our second location. Pray that God would guide our planning and our steps
as we seek to follow him in reaching more and more people in Eastern Jackson County.

Walk to the Mission Board in the Lobby and pray for the Honduran church plant. Pray that God would guide Honduras Ministries to the community that God wants us to reach.
Pray that we would be more than just financial partners in this ministry and that we as a church and individuals will be actively involved in this church and community.

4. Prayer Wall
Write out your prayer for Multiply or one of the four initiatives or your part in Multiply on one of the prayer slips on the table in the Multiply Hub in the Lobby.
Then roll it up and place it in one of the Prayer Towers as a prayer offering to God.