What's a "ONE FUND" initiative?

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift 'above and beyond' your usual gifts to make special projects
like a new building or a new ministry possible.

Normally, you gave that gift to the "Building Fund" and you also continued to give to the "General Fund." This type of giving is potentially confusing to people who either don't have a baseline for their "usual giving" or who aren't able to celebrate the total giving they are engaging in at BSCC in one single number.
We believe that it is all ONE MISSION that we're on - the mission of guiding people into a fully devoted relationship with Jesus - together.

All four areas that we will be focusing on over the next two years in multiplying our impact for Jesus are a part of this one mission; they will all contribute to this one mission. The Multiply initiative will last for two years. In those two years, every gift given to BSCC (outside of $1 for One and Packs & Kids)
will go to the Multiply initiative for mission advancement.