In year three of the initiative we will prayerfully look to begin a second location. This step of faith will help us to reach neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers who do not live close to our Blue Springs campus. People that we want to reach with the Good News of Jesus are much more willing to drive and connect with a church that is nearby rather than one that is twenty to thirty minutes away. After gathering seed money in 2024 and 2025, we will take steps to begin a second location that is near a sizable group of BSCCers who don't live close to our campus, enabling them to better reach their neighbors for Jesus.

There are other mission strategic reasons, beyond proximity, for taking this step of faith. A second location brings together the best aspects of the smaller church and the larger church. A smaller church appeals to many people because it is not as intimidating and makes it easier to establish relationships. While a larger church has resources and opportunities that a smaller church is unable to provide. Our second location will be smaller and more intimate, while also providing ministries and resources that would typically be associated with a larger church. This step of faith will enable us to maximize our funds and resources by utilizing them at both locations.

Adding a second location will also inspire the development of emerging leaders. This new location will create opportunities for BSCCers to take leadership steps in the Worship Ministry, Small Groups, Children and Student Ministries, and Guest Services. Who knows, God may raise up a couple of our current volunteers to eventually become part of the paid staff at the new location.

Through the two-year giving to Multiply, we hope to be able to set aside $200,000 in preparation for this second location. This money will be used for facility and staffing costs.